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This program has been discontinued.
It is no longer being updated, and you won't be able to obtain it from its original developer.
InterActual Player gives users access to InterActual features on DVDs. If you use a DVD decoder that does not have InterActual integration, you can still enjoy InterActual Features by installing the InterActual Player software included on the DVD. Using this solution, your DVD Video and all InterActual Features will play in the InterActual Player application.

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Facebook comments

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    Guest Last year

    Some of my DVD's have the option for games through InterActual Player when inserted into my computer. Are there other programs I can download that will do the same thing?

    • 0
      Guest Last year

      Even if it is an older version of this program I could care less about updates. I actually can't stand something when something is not broken.

  • 1
    Jon Smith 3 years ago
    Pros: Will play any dvd on a computer.
    Cons: None

    Look, this player was made by a company that hasn't existed for years, and is no longer supported or upgraded. That being said, I have had issues with WMP and this has allowed me to play DVDs on my TV thru my computer. I have no complaints. It plays DVDs on my media PC and does it adequately. Considering it was free, I am especially fond of it. PS: If you are concerned about the fact that it has no volume controls, perhaps you should remember that your TV or speakers do have them. It isn't hard.

    • 0
      Erynn Schwellinger 2 years ago

      Except that, it won't play on any DVD player or computer, it has serious issues with 64-bit OS systems.

  • 2
    Guest 4 years ago

    Very fast, super fast. Wow!

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